O Hotel mais bem avaliado de João Pessoa

The City

The City

Enjoy João Pessoa in the best place to be

João Pessoa Presents a combination of beautiful beaches, historic attractions and good shopping. During the night, the boardwalk of the waterfront is populated with people practicing sports, strolling or in the stalls with live music. In Manaíra, besides the beauty of its border, you will discover designer shops, charming bars, fine dining restaurants, shopping malls and more.

City tips


Our hotel is located in the neighborhood of Manaíra, famous for its street boutiques and close to the largest shopping malls in the city, where you can find a wide variety of shops of various segments. Also visit the Paraibano Handicraft Market (MAP), where the colorful cotton pieces predominate.


The edge of João Pessoa has a bicycle lane for a delightful promenade by the sea. And for you to live intensely and enjoy the energy of this place, we offer free bicycles for outdoor walks. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Historic Center and enjoy Baroque art at Centro Cultural São Francisco.


João Pessoa is known nationally for being one of the greenest cities in the country, due to the wooded neighborhoods in it. In addition, our town has calm beaches, for those looking to enjoy a rest time, under the sea breeze tasting a fresh coconut water. Despite this, we also have several natural reefs, such as Picãozinho and the Seixas Natural Pools, which are an attractive attraction.

Night life

In addition to the famous kiosks with live music, João Pessoa offers a wide variety of bars as well as restaurants serving from regional cuisine to fish and international cuisine. Before nightfall, do not forget to do the classic program of the city: the sunset at Jacaré Beach, to the sound of Ravel's Bolero.